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For beautiful wide and long oak floors, look no further than WOODlife Flooring. This Dutch company has their own Lithuania-based production company for the best oak flooring. Our XXL planks are impressive boards in majestic withs and lengths, designed to emphasize the dimension of a room.

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Why choose wide and long oak floors

Choosing the right plank for your floor is a task not to be underestimated. The width and lengths of your plank will make the room appear small and busy or grand an spacious. Consider our wide plank flooring. When you go for wide and long oak floors, you can be sure it is the latter. The XXL floor plank comes in the following dimension:

  • 21 x 260 x 2600-5000 millimeters (0.83 x 10.24 x 102.36-196.85 inches)
  • 21 x 300 x 2600-5000 millimeters (0.83 x 11.81 x 102.36-196.85 inches)
  • 24 x 380 x 2600-5000 millimeters (0.94 x 14.96 x 102.36-196.85 inches)


For wide an long oak floors, we offer the service/option to supply them with bowties. These are handcrafted and often fitted onto a XXL floor plank. This gives a very authentic, artisanal touch and allows us to use more of our precious wood. Unless agreed otherwise, we supply approximately 30-40% of planks with larger (end) cracks with bowties.

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For your wide and long oak floors, get in touch with the experts of WOODlife Flooring. We have an office in the Netherlands, as well as one in Canada. Send us an e-mail at info@woodlife-flooring.com, call our office +31 485 318 018 or fill in our contact form. Here you can ask all your questions about our prices, finishes and designs. If you are looking for wide planks of a different type, we also have XXL Douglas flooring.

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