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WOODlife Flooring offers beautiful wide and long oak floors. We have our own Lithuania-based production company. This way, we can guarantee that our floors are of the highest quality. Our wide and long planks are impressive boards designed to emphasize the dimension of a room.

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Why wide and long oak floors are a great option for your home

Wide and long oak floors look especially good in an entrance hall but are suitable for every room in your home. Oak floors are easy to clean, which makes it a practical floor for entrance halls. Entrance halls easily become muddier or dustier compared to other areas of the home. Wide plank flooring means less boards and therefore fewer crevices. We offer XXL floor planks in various dimensions. Do you have doubts about the right dimensions for your home? We are happy to advise you about our wide variety of floors.

Discover the benefits of wide and long floors

Are you interested in wide and long oak floors? If you are looking for wide planks of a different type, we also have XXL Douglas flooring for your home in Canada. Contact the experts of WOODlife Flooring. We have an office in the Netherlands, as well as one in Canada. Call our office at +31 485 318 018 or fill in our contact form. Here you can ask all your questions about our prices, finishes and designs.

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