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If you are looking for wide plank flooring, you need to look no further than WOODlife Flooring. Wider planks are rarer than narrower planks because they come from older trees. Thanks to our Lithuania based production facility, we have the right size flooring for you.

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Wide plank flooring is getting increasingly more popular. In large spaces the wide planks allow for an open feel that thinner planks would not provide. Another benefit of wide plank flooring is that you will have less seams between boards, allowing for less interruptions in the look of your wood flooring. We produce oak, ash, elm, Douglas and black walnut wood flooring in all dimensions. Wider planks do allow for patterns, but you will need to take into consideration that the more delicate ones, such as herringbone, will not be an option for the wider planks. Sturdier patterns however, such as whalebone, are something to consider.

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For your wide plank floor, reach out to our office in the Netherlands. You can e-mail us at info@woodlife-flooring.com , call us at +31 485 318 018 or fill in the form on our contact page. Ask all your questions about our prices, finishes and designs and we will answer them all. We hope to bring you your brand-new floor soon.

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