For ordering XXL Douglas floors in the USA, WOODlife Flooring is your partner. Did you know that the Douglas fir is the same species as the Oregon pine? Oregon pine, native in western North America, was introduced in Europe in 1826 by the Scottish botanist David Douglas. The Douglas fir is one of the largest European tree species. We exclusively use high quality logs in majestic diameters to produce Douglas floors in impressive dimensions.

When ordering XXL Douglas floors in the USA, order at our firm

Douglas – or Oregon pine – is a softwood species, that is relatively vulnerable to scratches and dents. Thus it is understandable that you are hesitant about ordering XXL Douglas floors for your home in the USA. However, we can apply band saw marks to the surface, which is a perfect solution for this problem, as it mask potential further damages.

Douglas Finishes

Douglas, or Oregon Pine, in white color tones is very much appreciated amongst lovers of Scandinavian and clean interior design. The distinctive wood grain on XXL widths provides a very organic, elegant look. Douglas / Oregon pine in warmer color tones is exceedingly popular in rural interior design and mountain cabins.

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Douglas Dimensions

We manufacture Douglas multi-plank floors in two impressive widths of 300 mm (12") and 380 mm (15"). The 300 mm wide plank is supplied in standard lengths of 2000 (6.7') to 3000 mm (10') or XXL lengths of 2600 (8.7') to 5000 mm (16.7'). Our 380 mm (14.9') ultra-wide plank is available in XXL-lengths only. When ordering XXL Douglas floors in the USA, WOODlife Flooring delivers.

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Douglas Gradings

Douglas is available in two grades. Our Select/Natural grades represents a very calm look with less and smaller knots. Besides this calm and rather clean grade, we also offer a more affordable Mill Run, which is a mix of cleaner and more rustic boards. On special request we can sort out a Select grade, free of any knots at all. For more information about ordering XXL Douglas floors with gradings in the USA, please click the button below.

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Douglas Patterns

When ordering XXL Douglas / Oregon pine floors in the USA, we offer two standard herringbone dimensions: 140 x 700 mm (5.5x27.5") and a Whalebone in 300 x 900 mm (1x3'). Other patterns, such as chevron, cube, quadro, Dutch pattern, (semi) trapezium and our creative pattern are possible on request. Next to our standard patterns we also offer bespoke patterns and parquet panels.

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Douglas / Oregon pine options

We take pride in the fact that all our floors are custom made. Consequently, any floor can be tailored to your exact need. Besides choosing the desired finish, dimension, length, grade and possibly also a pattern. When ordering Douglas XXL floors for your home in the USA, WOODlife Flooring makes sure you get what you desire. We offer additional options, such as the ones below:

  • Fixed lengths
  • Mixed widths
  • Specific thickness
  • Custom bevels (tiny bevels / shadow bevels / hand scraped bevels)
  • Custom filler
  • Alternative surface structures (heavy brushed, planed smooth, hand planed tumbled/distressed)

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