Continuing the texture and colour of your floor and/or walls onto the ceiling generates unity in a space and provides for a calming effect. We offer miscellaneous styles for contemporary & minimalistic interiors, or playful & distinctive options.


We manufacture matching ceiling in plank form in two main styles: plain sawn or rift & quarter sawn.

Plain sawn wall planks are mainly used to continue the look from the floor  onto the ceiling. Whereas a floor can sometimes be very rustic with large knots, the matching plank style for the wall is usually chosen in a more calm grade. The plain sawn ceiling cladding can be produced as a regular multiplank, or as a veneered product. This is discussed per individual project. Available in widths up to 380 mm and 5.5 meter long.

If a more serene, calm look for the walls is desired, we usually advise to go with Rift & Half-Rift planks. As the growth rings manifest themselves on the face of the board as vertical (straight) grain, Rift & Half-rift boards create a more calm, refined wall cladding than plain sawn planks do.


In contrast to suppliers of standardized acoustics panels, we offer individual wall ribs, as these allow for greater design freedom.

Our advantages:
- solid and veneered ceiling ribs
- sophisticated, 3D look and feel
- free to choose your own dimension and spacing between the ribs
- can be finished in the same colour as your floor
- easy to work around objects in the ceiling, such as lightning, ventilation, etc


We love thinking outside the box. Have you ever considered putting one of our wood floor patterns up against your ceiling? They are a very distinctive way to spicy up any space! For inspiration, please visit our PATTERNS page.

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