In case you find our cube pattern a little too pronounced, then our QUADRO pattern might be just what you are looking for.


Our oak Quadro pattern is available in 5 different dimensions as indicated on the right. The standard thickness is 19 mm: 15 mm plywood + 4 mm wear layer.

Other dimensions on request.


The Quadro wood squares come with a tiny bevel on all sides to create a subtle yet intelligent floor design. In order to emphasize the pattern, larger elements can also be given a square bevel of 2x2 mm deep on all sides. Please see two examples below:

180 mm Quadro with tiny bevels

380 mm Quadro with 2 mm square bevels 


For those who appreciate extraordinary wood design and geometry, we offer a very luxurious Quadro pattern. These squares are made from Rift and Quarter sawn oak with a diagonal grain. 

All Rift & Quarter sawn boards share one common characteristic: the growth rings manifest themselves as vertical (straight) grain. This is achieved by cutting the logs in a special way as shown below: 

Rift and Quarter sawn oak is actually one of our specialties. 

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