European oak has been the most popular wood species for flooring since decades. Besides an attractive colour and grain structure, oak contains tannic acids. These tannines enable us to colour the wood in many ways.

Oak Finishes

Looking for a pale white, light grey or warm brown tone? Please come in and have a look around at our range of finishes/colours. We offer a curated selection of finishes that suit any interior style. 

Besides our standard colours we offer tailored finishes in case you are looking for a specific style to match with your interior design.

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Oak Dimensions

We manufacture oak multiplank floors in widths from 100 mm (3.94") up to an impressive 380 mm (15"). Standard planks are supplied in lengths up to 2400 (8') or 3000 mm (10'). Besides these standard lengths, we also offer a range of XXL planks in lengths up to 5000 mm (16.67').

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Oak Gradings

Our oak floors are sorted into four gradings, depending on the amount and size of knots, presence of cracks, colour variation, and grain type. We offer a Rift & Quarter sawn, Select, Natural and Character grade.
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Oak Patterns

Besides a traditional plank format, WOODlife offers a range of stunning floor patterns, such as: herringbone, chevron, cube, quadro, creative pattern, dutch pattern, and a semi or full trapezium. Many of our patterns are also available in jumbo sizes.
Next to our standard patterns we also offer bespoke patterns and parquet panels. 

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Oak Options

We take pride in the fact that all our floors are custom made. Consequently, any floor can be tailored to your exact need. Besides choosing the desired finish, dimension, length, grade and possibly also a pattern, we offer the below additional options:

  • fixed lengths
  • mixed widths
  • specific thickness
  • custom bevels (tiny bevels / shadow bevels / hand scraped bevels)
  • custom filler
  • alternative surface structures (heavy brushed, planed smooth, hand planed tumbled/distressed)

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