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A XXL floor plank by WOODlife is an excellent choice for your oak or Douglas (Oregon pine) flooring. These come in incredible widths and lengths. If you have a room with large dimensions our XXL floor plank will bring out its grand scale. Our XXL oak comes in beautiful oak and Douglas (Oregon pine).

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Our XXL floor plank comes in various dimensions

Depending on whether you wish to have XXL oak or Douglas (Oregon pine) floors, the dimensions may vary. Our experts in XXL wood flooring are more than happy to tell you all about our oak and Douglas (Oregon pine) options. Regardless of the dimensions you choose for your beautiful wooden floor, it will look excellent in your home. You will be impressed by the size of a XXL plank by WOODlife. If you are looking for specific dimensions for your quality wood floor, do ask our flooring experts about the options for custom sizes for your XXL oak floors. With our Lithuania-based production facility, we might have the floor you desire.

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If you are looking for XXL oak or Douglas (Oregon Pine) floors or specific types of floor planks, WOODlife Flooring has got you covered. Contact our office in Cuijk, the Netherlands, or our office in Canada by sending an e-mail to info@woodlife-flooring.com or use our contact page to enquire about our prices, materials dimensions and fixed lengths. With or without bowties, we got your XXL oak floors and planks at our specialized workshops.

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