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Are you looking for exclusive oak flooring? Look no further than WOODlife Flooring. Oak has been the most popular wood species for flooring since decades, and we know all about it. Special finishes, dimensions, graining and patterns, our company does it all when it comes to exclusive oak flooring.

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The experts in exclusive oak flooring

WOODlife Flooring are the experts in exclusive oak flooring and decking. We have an office in the Netherlands and a Canadian office. Our production facility is based in Lithuania. Because oak is a valuable resource, all floors are made to order. The benefit for the customer is that this allows for a wide range of options. Because of the tannic acids we are able to offer oak in a wide array of color finishes. Our skilled craftsmen are capable of making the most impressive oak patterns for your flooring.

Oak decking for outside

While oak flooring is most commonly used for internal flooring, we also offer oak decking for external use. While not as hard as tropical hardwoods, oak is still a great material for decking when elevated off the ground. Oak as a species is also a lot more environmentally friendly to use than tropical hardwoods, which WOODlife Flooring does not offer, because of our core values.

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Whether you are interested in an exclusive oak flooring indoors or external oak decking, WOODlife Flooring has got you covered. Ask about our options or our prices by calling our office at +31 485 318 018 or write down your questions on our contact page. We are looking forward to helping you get your brand-new oak flooring.

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