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When ordering wood flooring for stairs in the USA, WOODlife Flooring is your partner. We design excellent wooden stairs for your home. These come in a variety of options, from closed wooden stairs to open and even floating stairs. Make your home something truly special by ordering wood for your stairs in the USA.

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What to expect when ordering wood flooring for stairs

Wood is an excellent choice for staircases due to its natural beauty, durability, and versatility. The ideal wood type for stairs is oak. Oak is highly valued for its robustness and resistance to wear, which is essential for a frequently used surface like stairs. Additionally, oak wood flooring features an attractive, prominent grain that can enrich a staircase both visually and texturally. It's also easy to treat and finish, allowing it to be tailored to a variety of interior styles. Oak staircases offer a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal, making them a timeless addition to any home. When your order wood flooring for at WOODlife, you can expect the best woods from our production facility in Lithuania for your stairs. We work with five species of wood: oak, ash, elm, Douglas, and black walnut. All of these woods are great options to integrate onto your stair design. If you are thinking about ordering different wood for your stairs, we are the ideal partner. Ask us about our options. We also offer wood for walls, if you want even more wood design in your home.

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Are you considering ordering wood flooring for the stairs of your home? Get in touch with our flooring manufacturers. On our contact page you can write down all your questions about ordering wood for stairs, and we will get back to you shortly. It is also possible to consult us for other flooring solutions, such as a herringbone floor in the USA.

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