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A herringbone floor looks great in your home in the USA. WOODlife Flooring offers a wooden floor with a herringbone pattern for every home in the USA. All our wooden planks are produced in our own production facility in Lithuania. In our product range, you will find slender and large floor planks with a wide variety of patterns.

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The different options for a herringbone floor

The herringbone pattern in a wooden floor is known for its ability to create visual interest and depth, making rooms appear larger and more dynamic. Herringbone is versatile, fitting well with both traditional and contemporary decor styles. We aim to deliver an engineered wooden herringbone floor with a pattern for your home that is completely to your liking. That is why we offer various options when you are looking for the right pattern. You can choose for traditional herringbone with dimensions ranging from 70x350 mm up to 120x600 mm. We also offer a whalebone design. These are giant herringbones with dimensions from 140x700 mm up to 380x1140 mm. We also have a slender herringbone, which is only available in 50x700 mm. We have flooring in all the dimensions you could possibly think of, so do not hesitate to let us know if you have a specific floor in mind.

Order a wooden floor with a herringbone pattern for your home

Are you interested in ordering a herringbone floor from a flooring manufacturer?? Whether you wish to order a wooden floor with a herringbone pattern or parquet flooring in the USA, we always deliver floors of the best quality. Would you like to know more about our patterns? Contact us by filling out our contact form.

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