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Whalebone flooring is like a herringbone floor design, but with wider blocks. Unlike the slender and delicate size of the herringbone, the whalebone adds robustness to your space. At WOODlife Flooring, we offer various whalebone options for you.

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Whalebone flooring options

Standard whalebone comes in oak, but at our company we offer various other types of wood to accommodate your tastes. Our wood types are:

Whalebone can be compared to giant herringbones. Herringbone has a width versus length ratio between 1:4 and 1:7. Dimensions range from 70x350 millimeters (2.76x13.78 inches) up to 120x600 millimeters (4.72x23.62 inches). Whalebone is a lot thicker, with a width vs length ratio between 1:3 and 1:5. Dimensions range from 140x700 millimeters (5.51x27.56 inches) up to 380x1140 millimeters (14.96x44.89 inches). If you wish to go the opposite direction, we also offer the much more delicate slim bone flooring. This is a slender herringbone pattern with a width vs length ratio of 1:14, and only available in a dimension of 50x700 millimeters (1.97x27.56 inches0.

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Add robustness and character to your space with whalebone. Enquire about our designs, woods or prices by calling +31 485 318 018 to reach our WOODlife Flooring’s office in the Netherlands, or fill in the form on our contact page. We will provide you with your new, beautiful, and original wood flooring. If you live in North America, our office in Canada is happy to assist you.

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