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Oak decking is a premium option for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor living areas. Recognized for its impressive durability and classic beauty, oak provides a naturally robust platform for decks, patios, and terraces. The resilience of oak decking makes it ideal for withstanding the elements, ensuring longevity and consistent aesthetic appeal. The distinct grain patterns and rich coloration of oak add an element of sophistication and warmth, making it a popular choice for those who value both function and style in their outdoor spaces.

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Oak finishes play an important role in defining the character and style of oak flooring. A natural oak finish preserves the wood's inherent beauty, highlighting its rich grain and warm tones, ideal for a traditional or rustic look. On the other hand, a whitewashed finish gives oak a contemporary edge, brightening spaces and making them appear more spacious. For those seeking a more modern aesthetic, a dark-stained oak finish provides a sophisticated, dramatic flair. Matte or glossy topcoats can further enhance the oak's appearance, with matte finishes offering a more natural look and glossy finishes creating a luxurious, polished feel. Each finish not only adds to the visual appeal but also contributes to the wood's durability and resistance to wear, ensuring the flooring remains beautiful and functional over time. At WOODlife Flooring, we know the beauty of wood flooring. Oak is a fine and diverse material that will last you for decades. It is a true quality floor. Whether you are looking for XXL floor planks, a sturdy whalebone design or the slimmer herringbone flooring for your home, we have it on offer for you in our Lithuania-based production facility. Do not forget to check out our wide variety of oak finishes and patterns for your wood flooring.

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Browse through our wide variety of oak patterns and be amazed at the wealth of options. Once you have come to a style that speaks to you, contact us. Call our office or write your question or enquiry in our contact page. If you are interested in a different type of wood flooring, we are also an expert flooring manufacturer when it comes to European ash, elm, Douglas (Oregon pine) and black walnut.

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