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We have a wide variety of beautiful oak finishes for your original wood flooring. The possibilities are near endless. Do you want the deep, dark colors reminiscent of a volcano, or would you rather have the stark white of our frozen finish? There are, of course, a lot of wood colored oak finishes for you to choose from as well.

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Oak finishes to your taste

At WOODlife Flooring we know the beauty of a wood flooring. Oak is a fine and diverse material that will last you for decades. It is a true quality floor. Whether you are looking for XXL floor planks, a sturdy whalebone design or the slimmer herringbone flooring for your home, we have it on offer for you in our Lithuania-based production facility. Do not forget to check out our wide variety of oak patterns for your wood flooring.

Choose your oak finish

Browse through our wide variety of oak finishes and be amazed at the wealth of options. Once you have come to a style that speaks to you, contact us. You reach our Cuijk-based office in the Netherlands or our office in Canada by sending an e-mail to info@woodlife-flooring.com. Call our office using +31 485 318 018 or write your question or enquiry in our contact page. If you are interested in a different type of wood flooring, at WOODlife Flooring we are also experts when it comes to European ash, elm, Douglas (Oregon pine) and black walnut.

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