This floor has been smoked throughout, creating a dark brown base colour tone down into the deepest douglas wood fibers. Thus, these floors can be sanded repeatedly without losing the dark tone.

Douglas Multiplank + Douglas XXL

We only offer douglas multiplank in two impressive widths: 30 cm and 38 cm. Lengths are  available up to 5 meter. 

Douglas Herringbone

We offer 2 dimensions of douglas 'Whalebone'. Other dimensions on request only. Check DOWNLOADS or PATTERNS for more details. Or check the INSPIRATION library with roomset pictures for ideas.

Douglas Chevron

Standard in 45º or 60º.  Check DOWNLOAD for more details. 

Other Douglas Patterns

Please find an overview of the regular patterns in which we can offer most of our finishes. More details information about gradings, dimensions and or possible restrictions can be found on our PATTERNS page. Please contact us in case of any questions.

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