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When ordering luxury wood flooring in Canada, choose WOODlife Flooring. This Dutch flooring brand and their Lithuania-based production facility have adorned many homes with wondering wood flooring and are ready to ship to your home or cabin in Canada. Order yours today at our Canadian office.

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What are your options when ordering luxury wood flooring in Canada?

If you are a resident of Canada and you would like a wonderful wood flooring for your home or cabin, WOODlife Flooring is your go-to company. The remarkable, high quality bespoke wooden floors make us a stand-out company in the world of floor manufacturing. Exceptionally strong and dependable, these floors will last into the next generation, even in extreme climates and under over floor heating. When ordering luxury wood flooring in Canada, you have these tree species to choose from:

Next to our standard selection we also manufacture wood species on request. All our woods have a wide variety of gradings, finishings, dimensions and patterns we could add to them. We also produce our own engineered wood flooring. This material is less costly, but still high quality.

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Start ordering your luxury wood flooring for your home or cabin in Canada. E-mail our Canadian staff at info@woodlife-flooring.com to ask about our prices and options, call our office +31 485 318 018 or fill in the form on our contact page. We are looking forward to bringing you a wonderful new floor. We cannot wait to deliver our floor planks to you in Canada.

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