SHRUNK Oak Collection is one-of-a-kind. SHRUNK oak floors show an untouched surface with natural surface undulations and some random marks of a band saw. This unique surface is created through a special way of drying or ‘shrinking’ directly after the freshly oak raw material is sawn at the mill. The subtle aged look has a very organic touch. It feels soft and cozy and is characterized by beautifully brushed 3D knots and cracks and some occasional end splits. The SHRUNK OAK Collection is made up of 12 finishes. SHRUNK oak can also be ordered brushed & unfinished, ready for finishing. SHRUNK oak is very suitable for smoking and reactive coloring treatments.

DEMO Other Oak Patterns

Below all the standard patterns in which we can offer most of our finishes. More detailes information about gradings, dimensions and or possible restrictions can be found on our PATTERNS page. Please contact us in case of any questions.

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