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logo_floriade_kleinerWOODlife at Floriade: World Horticulture Expo, Venlo, Holland


WOODlife is showing it's ecological decking. The custom finished thermo ash decking is an extension of the thermo ash shipdeck flooring inside the spa-like log home.

The Floriade Expo lasts untill Otober 7, 2012 and is absolutely worth paying a visit for the entire family!
WOODlife can be found at location nr RH1b, 'the Healing Dragon', as a part of the 'Relax & Heal' theme area.
More info can be found at www.floriade.com.

The event sprawls over 66 hectares, 40 of which are dedicated show grounds. The exhibits are divided up into five different theme worlds which are separated by wooded areas. This year’s themed areas are: Relax and Heal, Green Engine, Education and Innovation, Environment, and World Stage Show. Each area is designed to immerse you in the theme, rather than just let you walk passively past booths. For example, the Relax and Heal world has a spa-like ambience to enhance the exhibitors’ focus on the relationship between nature and our health. While visiting this theme world, you can stroll along a barefoot path, participate in tea rituals, and sample from a wide variety of healing herbs. 


New!! WOODlife Ecological Decking


-  Thermo treated ash exterior parquet
-  Standard sizes: 20 x 90 / 140 mm
-  Durability class 1  (lasts for 30 years or more)
-  Mechanical properties of the wood are retained
-  Preserved in a natural way: no chemicals used, only heat and water
-  Very stable product
-  Does not turn grey over time when finished with our ecological hardwax oil and UV-protector
-  A perfect replacement for the better tropical wood species
-  Sustainable footprint
-  Very beautiful product
-  Faster installation due to the tongue and groove on the head ends
-  Matching support beams in thermo pine or ash
-  No visible screws in the boards due to invisible installation clips
-  All wood is derived from responsibly managed European forests and can be purchased FSC®-certified.

More info can be found in our online brochure.

We have recently opened a brand new showroom in Vilnius.

You are most welcome to taste and feel our trendy wooden flooring yourself. A nice glass of wine is waiting for you!
Simply This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Ms. Lina Aukstakalnyte to make an appointment. The address: Kestucio Str 26, Zverynas, Vilnius.

Please find the map here.

We share the showroom with Vadasiga, a famous supplier when it comes to elegant, outstanding furniture, for both interior and exterior. Quite handy when you're (re)decorating your home or space.