Exterior parquet


Our exterior terrace boards are directly imported from Asia and Brazil to our stock. We specialize in rare, exclusive wood species. In order to minimize illegal logging practices, all species are certified.

Everything you need to install your terrace

WOODlife can supply you with all the necessary accessories needed for the installation: terrace boards, support beams, installation clips (for invisible installation), anti-beetroot cloth, screws. Just contact us with your inquiry.

Finishing your terracermc-decking-oil
We can finish the terrace boards with our Rubio Monocoat Decking Oil Duo System. This two-component decking oil is a very revolutionary product. It enhances a chemical bonding with the wood fibres, which makes the product very durable. Due to the accelerator that is added to the decking oil, the chemical bonding is so good, the intensity of the required maintenance is reduced to once every three years!
Of course the decking oil is free of VOC and isocyanate, and is therefore 100% environmentally friendly. To prevent exterior hardwoods from turning grey over time, the boards can be pre-treated with Rubio Monocoat Sunprimer. This sunprimer provides a solid protection against influences from UV-light which largely brings fungus and grey to a halt. For more information, please have a look at: www.rubiomonocoat.com.