Engineered ash floorboards

wide european ash flooring select nature white oiled

European ash in widths up to 26 cm.... Ash is just as hard as European oak on the ´Janka Hardness Scale´ and has a very smooth and very clear wood grain. When finished with one of our special wood lyes and hardwax oils, this floor fits any modern or bright interior. This floor is especially appreciated amongst those who are fond of 'Scandinavian Design'.

Our engineered floorboards have a base of 1st quality Baltic exterior birch plywood, topped with a thick ash top layer of 6 mm. With a total thickness of 21 mm, this product is built to endure any interior condition and meant to last a lifetime! This winner beats every solid ash floor: it shows a much better stability (up to 75% reduction of shrinkage and expansion) while the lifetime of the board matches that of solid ash flooring.

Available sizes and grades

21 mm 180 mm 1000-3000 mm icon-check icon-check
21 mm 220 mm 1000-3000 mm icon-check icon-check
21 mm 260 mm 1000-3000 mm icon-check icon-check

Select/Nature: sound knots up to 2 cm, filled open knots to max 1 cm, minor cracks (filled), no end cracks, brown discolouration allowed, no centre core.
Rustic: sound knots up to 8 cm, filled open knots up to 4 cm, small cracks (filled), centre core allowed, end cracks allowed

For a full product specification, please download our Product Declaration.