WOODlife has great affinity and close bond with a sustainable forest and nature management
and a healthy (living) environment. In and outside the company we try to take that into account
as much as we can.

Wood from responsible managed forestsfsc_en_website2
Most of our oak and ash engineered floorboards can be purchased FSC®-certified. FSC is the worlds' leading forest certification scheme which proves that a timber based product is derived from forests that are managed in a responsible way.

Traineeships for underprivileged youth
Despite impressive economic growth rates since the independance in 1990, Lithuania is struggling as a nation ever since. A large part of the population is living in very poor and tough living conditions. A very high unemployment rate (15,6 at the fourth quarter of 2009), the highest suicide rate in the world, and the lack of any form of social safety net only adds up to a growing problem: underprivileged youth.

There's only a few initiatives that not only recognize this growing social problem but actually try to do something about it. One of these initiatives is the establishment of the "Sodžiaus Meistrai" crafts school in Rūdiškių town in the Trakai region. In 2002, the school began its activities with one craft line and 9 students, whereas today its educational content is comprised of five craft lines: carpenters, horseshoe specialists, slaters, cooks and confectioners. At the same time, this is the only school in Lithuania to educate carpenters. Many of the pupils and students have a background of poverty, violence, crime, and are oftenorphan childs.


WOODlife supports the philosophy of the "Sodžiaus Meistrai" crafts school by offering traineeships to the students on a regular basis. www.sodziausmeistrai.lt

VOC-free products
For the finishing of our products we only use water based and VOC-free lye, oil and hardwaxoil. Next to that our hardwaxoils are based upon natural ingredients like beeswax and linseed oil and are 100% biodegradable.


Wood is a natural, renewable product. Trees absorb CO2 from the air and transform it into wood fibres. By applying wooden based products, instead of other artificially manufactured products, one actively contributes to CO2-reduction. All our waste-wood is used to burn and heat the entire manufacturing facility.